Top Fishing Rods of 2017

Fishing Tackle / February 7, 2017

Are you looking for the Top Fishing Rods of 2017? Well, take a moment and see our list of the Top Fishing Rods/Poles of 2017 below and start enjoying your time in the water today!

The only piece of fishing gear as important as your reel is your rod! The smart angler knows to tailor their gear toward the fish they plan to catch.

Just as the smart angler knows top water frog lures wont catch a walleye, they know a rod made specifically for jigging or spinning, will outperform a bait casting rod in its designated category.

Tackle Reports has gathered a list of fishing rods for the beginner, the pro, and everyone in between. Here are some of our favorites.

Wright and McGill Skeet Reese Senkotoad Fishing Rod


The Wright and McGill Skeet Reese Senkotoad Fishing Rod is a singular piece rod. At 7’2”, this medium-light fishing rod is light weight and finely balanced. A unique rubber mold delivers durability and comfort.

Key Features Include:

  • S-Curve blank construction for superior strength, lifting power, sensitivity and weight reduction.
  • Split handle design for weight reduction and improved balance.
  • Revolutionary molded rubber handles deliver incredible feel and a sure grip.
  • Large fighting butt delivers performance and durability.
  • Zirconium guides reduce weight and improve casting distance.

This rod weighs just under a pound and can support 8 to 20lb test. This rod is under the $100 limit. The trigger grip means this rod isn’t a perfect fit for every reel type but so long as you pair the correct rod and reel, this Wright and McGill Fishing Rodwill serve you well.


Cadence Fishing – CR7 Spinning Rods

The first thing you’ll notice about the Cadence fishing CR7 Spinning Rods are their uniquely designed and varied handle grips. The come in three different styles: The Full Grip, The Split/Carbon Grip, and the Split Grip.  The second thing you will notice is the weight. Cadence Fishing has developed a reasonably prices rod, one of the better rods under $100 and the rod is extremely light and strong.

Features Include: 

  • 40 ton carbon blanks – lightweight and sensitive
  • Stainless steel guides with SIC inserts – smooth and durable
  • Fuji reel seat – comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Premium grade cork and EVA handles – lightweight and eronomic
  • Carbon wrap – increased strength & durability

The Cadence fishing rods are new on our radars but if you’re on a budget and looking to catch decent sized, 8-15 pound, fish. Then this is a solid choice. If you pick one up, make sure to let us know how it preforms for you.

St. Croix Premier Musky Rods

St. Croix Premier Musky Rods made for muskies, these 8’ rods can handle most heavy freshwater fish you come across.

There are around 14 models available to choose from from the St. Croix Premier series. From 6′ to 9′ long with varying actions, powers, and actions. You can check out the options on the right:

From catfish to big stripers, this rod is made for knockdown drag out fish fights with its outstanding strength without losing its hook setting sensitivity.

A high quality graphite rod coupled with high quality cork handles and a smooth Flex Coat slow cure finish cause these rods to look as good as they cast. The availability of multiple models ensures a perfect match for every angler.

The 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix adds a little insurance to an already phenomenal rod.


G. Loomis Rod Series

The G. Loomis Fiber Blend Jerkbait series rods are some of the best rods available. Fishing jerkbaits, whether early in the spring or later in the year requires a lot of confidence in the technique. You have to be sure or strongly believe the fish are there and you must be patient. In cold water, it’s a pull-pause, pull-pause technique with lots of emphasis on the pause. You may have to let the bait suspend as long as 30-40 seconds. This is a deadly technique, especially with smallmouth early in the season. You need a rod with a light, responsive tip that allows you to fish the bait properly without sacrificing power. These rods are designed with fast tips and our proprietary “progressive power taper” so the angler can work the lures correctly with minimal effort. It doesn’t matter if you’re fishing for spots, largemouth or smallmouth, it all relates to water temperature.



When it’s cold, you fish very slow, when it’s warmer, you speed things up quite a bit. Sometimes you need to be super aggressive with the lure movement and this rod has the power to do that and still not overload it, but when you need to be subtle, the tip is light enough and responsive enough to impart a slight twitch if that’s what it takes to get the fish going. There is plenty of reserve power in the butt-section for getting fish headed your way.

With four different option available in the jerkbait series, every angler will find a comfortable rod to their liking. The benefit of these jerkbait rods is their light responsive design allowing the angler to fish baits properly, without sacrificing the power necessary to keep your catch on the line.

Lew’s Custom Lite Speed Stick Series

The Lew’s Custom Speed Stick Lite HM85 Casting Rods deliver premium lightweight performance with unparalleled sensitivity and power. The advanced APT: Advanced Performance Technology blanks, composed of top-grade 85-million modulus graphite blanks, also feature Lew’s multilayer construction for superior durability and performance.

Titanium Oxide Guides precisely span each blank to maximize the attributes of each rod, and also provide increased casting performance and durability. Lew’s exclusive SoftTouch skeletal reel seats provide direct contact with the blank for maximum sensitivity transfer, and advanced polymer Winn split grip handles deliver an unprecedented level of grip and comfort even when wet. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty as well, the Lew’s Custom Speed Stick Lite HM85 Casting Rods offer lightweight, ultra-sensitive performance and power worthy of the highest levels of competitive fishing.

Some of the things that really set the Lews Custom Lite Speed Stick Series apart are:

  • Multilayer construction for superior durability and performance
  • Advanced Performance Technology blank
  • Top-grade 85 million modulus graphite
  • Titanium oxide guide inserts for smooth line flow
  • Lew’s exclusive SoftTouch skeletal reel seats provide direct contact with the blank for maximum sensitivity
  • Advanced polymer Winn split-grip handles
  • Lew’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod  is a two piece 6.5-foot-long Medium-Heavy power rod. Ugly Stick rods are incredibly durable.

An ideal choice for anglers of all skill levels, the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod delivers dependable performance at a phenomenal value. Featuring a lighter feel, improved components, and an updated, modern look, this fishing rod maintains the strength and durability that made the original Ugly Stik a legend. The two-piece design is crafted with a composite of graphite and fiberglass, creating a well-balanced yet powerful rod that is virtually unbreakable. The rod’s Clear Tip design responds to even the lightest nibbles and strikes, while the durable and lightweight EVA grip offers a comfortable handhold. And with its classic diamond wind and sleek form, this fishing rod has an eye-catching design that is as stylish as it is functional.

While a 10-25-pound test limit is not the strongest line weight allowed, the Ugly Stiks durability is legendary for its ability to take abuse. The new ugly stiks redesign preserves the traditional commitment to strength, durability, and dependability while showing off its sleek new graphite and fiberglass composite body.

The black finish with red and silver assets give it a modern look and feel not felt in earlier models. The best part about the Ugly Stik fishing rod is the price.

For a rod that normally costs less than 50 dollars, the Ugly Stik offers more bang for its buck than many others.

Happy fishing!



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