How to Catch Sun fish

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Catching sun fish is not all that difficult but it is always a blast. They’re small, aggressive, and beautifully colored. They rarely put up a huge fight which makes them a great species to target with small children when they’re first learning to fish.

Sunfish Basics

There are numerous species of sun fish around the United States in almost any body of water that can hold bass. So many crossbreeds of sunfish exist that many simply refer to them as “breem” rather than learning the subtle signs of dozens of different species. Though smaller, some anglers greatest catches are pulling in 2 pound sunfish. Sunfish are incredibly easy for children to catch as well.

One of the best parts about catching sun fish, besides how they taste, is the beautiful coloration and designs on each type you encounter

Sun fish Spawning

Sunfish, like every other fish, spawn in the spring. Spawning tends to take place when water tempetaure approaches the 70 degree mark. Usually, sunfish spawning sites are in shallow water on non-muddy surfaces which the male aggressively defends until the fry disperse. Sunfish are extremely active reproducers and unless there is adequate predation, stunting is possible.

What Do Sunfish Eat?

Sunfish mainly eat small crustaceans and mollusks, fish fry and aquatic insects. They prefer insects in their larval stages to their full grown sizes, although they will take large adult insects off the surface at times.

Where to Find Sunfish


Practically any warm, shallow, weedy waters will support sunfish. They abound in small shallow lakes, in protected bays of larger lakes, and in slow moving reaches or backwater areas of rivers and streams.

In lakes:

Search for sunfish in shallow, mud bottomed bays before they begin spawning. Once they begin, look for shallow areas with sandy or graveled bottoms. During the summer, underwater lips of shoreline and weedy humps are perfect targets. Don’t forget around any docks with cover. As the water begins to cool in late fall and winter, look for sunfish in deep holes and inside turns along weedlines.

In rivers:

Look for shallow weedy backwaters or areas of vegetation. Woody cover is normally home to sunfish during the summer months.

How to catch Sunfish


Sunfish are among the most willing and aggressive biters anglers will encounter.

The key to catching sunfish is location, location, location. Docks, structures, weedy, woody cover, are all great areas to catch sunfish.

Once spawning is completed, sunfish head for deeper waters. Once you’ve located some sunfish, catching them isn’t a problem. A garden worm on a hook, a curlytail jig, or a sponge bug are great baits.

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