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The Choice of the Best Tackle Boxes of 2017

Tackle Boxes are amongst the most basic and necessary tools of a fisherman. The best tackle boxes help to make the storage, organization, and transportation of all lures, line, tools, and any other gear a fisherman might need quite easy. As any angler knows, storage and organization are keys to a great day.

The choice of a tackle box or tackle bag is a critical one. The Best Tackle Boxes are sturdy and rigid, providing serious support and a greater protective covering than a canvas or plastic tackle bag. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some more portable than others.

However, tackle boxes tend to elevate organization, protection, and storage over convenience, transportation, or comfort though that’s not always the case. Tackle boxes come in all different shapes and sizes with different purposes in their design. Here is a list of the best tackle boxes for any discriminating fisherman, beginner or pro.


Plano 3-Tray Tackle Box with Dual Top Access  

The Plano 3-Tray Tackle Box with Dual Top Access is one of the most basic models you can purchase but what makes this tackle box a classic and reliable choice for anglers all over the world is its inexpensive cost and simple design.

Made in the USA, the  Plano 3-Tray  has, you guessed it, 3 trays which elevate and slide back as you open the top of the tackle box. The front latch provides the easiest access available.

However, the Plano 3-Tray doesn’t have compartment covers that other, individual interchangeable tackle boy trays have; that means, if your tackle box gets upended or shaken around, it could be quite the internal mess to clean up.

Its high durability ensures it won’t crack open if dropped from a truck bed. There is a deeper pocket under the trays perfect for plastics, line, or other gear storage.

Its reasonable size, high durability, and light weight make this a classic pick for beginners or occasional anglers.

Plano FTO Elite Ultimate Angler System 

The Plano FTO Elite Ultimate Angler System with 7 Stowaways is made for a special type of angler, the gear collector. With 7 stowaway options and an extra extendable rear pocket, the Plano FTO is made for storage.

With 5 removable Plano boxes, this big tackle box will hold as many lures as you can throw at it. The Ultimate Angler is big enough that its better left at home or where you keep most of your other tackle.

Even given its size, it’s not too large to keep in the trunk of a car, the back of a truck, or bring on a boat, so long as you don’t mind sacrificing some trunk space; allowing the seasoned fisherman to get in a few casts before or after work on the weekday.

However, the FTO is heavy, much heavier than the average tackle box. The removable Plano tackle trays really remove and point in carrying a big tackle box around anyway. The FTO sports the normal Plano tray remove and replace utility. Its hard plastic body ensures serious protection for any gear stored inside. The non-skid rubber legs also ensure this tackle box isn’t budging, regardless of weather conditions.

This is our best tackle box for boats. Even if you kick this baby around, you’re more likely to end up in the water than this solid tackle box.

If you need lots of space and don’t plan on carrying your tackle box around, the Plano FTO Elite Ultimate Angler System is for you.

Nomad Tackle Roller System


The Nomad Tackle Roller System  is a rolling tackle box. Some days its just too much hassle to lug around a tackle box, a few rods, tackle gear, and everything else so Okuma invented the best rolling tackle box on the market.

It comes with two rod holders and a high grade polyester material, rendering it scratch proof, as well as adding some real durability.

Its about 16 inches tall, 12 long, and 8 inches wide. Its not the biggest cart in the world but it can hold most fisherman’s gear. It also comes with removable plano’s. It comes with three 3700 size tackle trays and one deep 3730 size tackle tray

The main drawback is the price. It is a quality piece of work but you’ll never have to lug your fishing tackle with this bag ever again. Sometimes, convenience is worth the extra investment.

Plano 1354 4 Rack Tackle Box


The Plano 1354 4-By Rack System 3500 Size Tackle Box is the perfect sized tackle box for the hobbyist angler. Its small, compact, and geared toward storage.

Its remove and replaceable Pro-latch tray boxes are the perfect size to carry on their own or take them out and slide them into a backpack to transport while fishing for a few hours. Its durable frame ensures any gear stored inside this little vault won’t get chipped or damaged. On top of the tackle box is a place for bulk storage. This tackle box’s tray system focuses more on storage of lures than gear itself.

The Plano 1354 is middle of the road as far as portability goes. Its certainly not the largest tackle box so you could carry it around if you so choose, or carry it around and drop it in a boat for a few hours use.

The Flambeau Outdoors Waterproof Satchel is along the more portable tackle boxes on our list. With clear front, you can be sure you have exactly what you need to go fishing before you leave.

This is our best tackle box for kayak fishing.

With two compartmentalized side extending trays and 2 deep pockets with modular dividers there is plenty of room for larger objects like a spare spool, line, plyers, plastic baits, the whole nine yards. The Flambeau Waterproof Satchel is waterproof, which is a plus compared to some tackle boxes. As a waterproof tackle box, it serves as a nice barrier to a wet and ruined cell phone during your time out on the water.

The water satchel is extremely portable. Its hard plastic shell protect any internal gear you may store. The larger middle pockets are extremely useful but they come at a cost. The only place to store lures like swimbaits, jigs, etc. are in the two side extending trays which don’t leave a lot of room to spare.


So, if you’re an angler who sticks mainly to plastics or uses live bait that fits in the deeper pockets and you want one of the best tackle boxes for kayak fishing, this is a good choice.

Plano 1444 Magnum Guide Series Tackle Box

The Plano 1444 Magnum Guide Series Tackle Box is a portable tackle box with a 4 layer storage system.

Under the top clear plastic layer sits a compartmentalized section perfect for lure storage. Under that section sits yet another plastic lure storage compartment and under both of those sections lay a larger open compartment, great for storing line, pliers, plastics, and any other tackle you require.

The Plano 1444 is a tough tackle box sure to last a lifetime, but in the crazy chance it doesn’t? The Plano 1444 Magnum comes with a lifetime warranty. Like most Plano products, this tackle box is made in the USA.

Final Thoughts:

Every fisherman needs a tackle box to hold their gear. Depending on the person, some will like an all inclusive tackle box and others will like the ability to take just a couple lures with them. For this reason, we have found thePlano FTO Elite Ultimate Angler System with 7 Stowaways to be an excellent choice.



  • Large enough to hold all your fishing tackle
  • Trays can be removed (Three separate utility trays)
  • Waterproof stowaway trays
  • Great organizational system
  • Rubber feet to hold it in place.


  • It can be bulky if loaded to the max
  • Large Size


Go ahead and get your Plano FTO Elite Ultimate Angler System with 7 Stowaways today and get started on that successful fishing season!


Happy Fishing

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