How to Make Your Own Fishing Lures

Fishing Tackle / Lures / April 24, 2017

Have you ever considered making your own fishing lures?

In my younger years, my family purchased a Make Your Own Fishing  Lures kit for my birthday and it has been one of the best gifts I have received. I spent hours making my own lures to use or sell all season long. Thankfully, the kits are simple and some of them have various instructions on each lure type.

A  kit can be time well spent for a fisherman of any age.

How to Make Your Own Fishing Lures

Invest in a Kit

The best way to begin to make your own fishing lures is to invest in a lure making kit. Note I said “invest” not purchase.  Invest in a kit you are able to keep for years to come. This can become a tradition to keep and pass down for future generations.

A kit will contain every thing you need to begin making your fishing lures. It will include the molds, soft plastic, glitter and a vareity of other features based on each kit.  Assembling all you would need can take time and you might not get all you truly need. Investing in an assembled kit allows you to being the process and you can add more molds, colors and features as you master your lure making craft.

Below are a few kits Tackle Reports recommends to begin your new hobby.

An All-Inclusive Kit

Below is a one mold, 4 lure kit to begin to make your own fishing lures. The kit contains everything you need to begin making your own fishing lures.


With this kit you have the ability to create 4 soft baits like the paddle tail worm. While the Fusion X Fishing – Xessential Finesse Bass Soft Plastic Lure Making Kit comes with 4  lure possibilities initially, there are lots of other molds you can purchase separately to help you learn how to make your own fishing lures.

A Few Bestselling Kits

Here are a few other Best Selling Make Your Own Fishing Lure kits to take consider:

Product List Price
The Penny Lure Kit By Muddy Bros - Fishing Spoons and Spinners From Pennies! $24.95
Crankbait Building Kit by Muddy Bros (Build 20 Quality Lures) $39.95
Alumilite Make Fishing Lures Soft Bait Kit $79.95
Super Casting Kit by Alumilite Corp N/A
Fishing Lure Making Kits by Muddy Bros Gift Combo N/A

Invest in Books

If you are interested in learning more about making your own fishing lures, here are some great books you can use as a resource.

You don’t have to be a skilled craftsperson to create your own highly effective fishing lures. This book will show you how to craft your own plugs, spoons, spinners, metal squids, jigs and many other fresh, and salt-water lures. Not only is making your own lures an enjoyable hobby in the winter months when fishing is slow, but using your own lures in highly likely to increase your catch, for psychological reasons you’ll learn about in this unique book.

Final Thought

Making your own fishing lures is something anyone can do with a little patience and time. You are able to customize your own lures to your fishing style and in the colors you want. Imagine filling your tackle box with the lures you personally made and invest your time into creating.

Anytime you spend time making something you always learn more and enjoy it more than you expect.

Happy Fishing!

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